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Glossary: Tanning and Red Light Therapy Glossary

Equivalent (tanning lamp)

Federal and state regulations require that the lamps be replaced with the type designated by the equipment manufacturer. You also have the option to replace the lamps with a lamp thatis “compatible” or “substantially equivalent” to the labeled lamp. What does that mean?
According to FDA policy, lamps are compatible if the meet the following guidelines:
• The bed must operate the same way with the replacement lamps as it did with the labeled lamps. For example if you are re-lamping a 20 minute unit, you can not use lamps that would be intended for a 10 minute unit. These lamps would cause the unit to operate in a different manner.
• Within plus or minus 10%, the replacement lamps must produce the same amount of UVB (have the same burning power). This is to guarantee that the MED remains the same.


Sunburn or abnormal redness of the skin due to capillary congestion