Red Light Therapy TrainingRed Light Therapy continues to increase in popularity in full service salons and spas, fitness clubs and gyms, as well as indoor tanning salons.

Now there is a alternative for Red Light Therapy Training. Before the advent of our Red Light course the only options were for full esthetician curriculum courses requiring hundreds of hours of classroom time and many hundreds of dollars.

This course covers the delivery of Red Light therapy services.

Blue light, full spectrum light, InfraRed and other light therapies are also reviewed.

Laser, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and other therapies generally requiring an esthetician or medical credential / license are beyond the scope of this course; they will be overviewed, but are not intended to be covered in detail.

You should expect to spend about 2 hours in the course material.
Enrollments in this course expire in 30 days.