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How can I pick the best tanning training?

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Re: How can I pick quality tanning training?
by Frank Vierling - Tuesday, November 10, 2020, 8:54 AM

To get the most from your time and money invested in training -

  • Choose a training provider with experience owning and operating tanning salons; that experience should include related services including spray tanning and red light therapy.
  • Choose a training provider that is independent; Is not partners with vendors for equipment, products or other services; you want training not "overdressed advertising".
  • Avoid training gimmicks like "Associations', "Institutes" or "Networks" set up by marketing companies or magazine publishers.
  • Check if there are regulations for tanning in your state or province to be sure that the provider's training covers the requirements that you will have to follow. You can verify at https://www.tanningcertification.com/tanning-regulations.html