How to Signup for Online Tanning Training Courses

Enrolling in a course is Easy

After connecting to the training campus the student will sign up by Clicking "Create New Account"  During the  sign up process the student is ask to enter:

  • Their name, spelled exactly as they want it printed on their Certificate.

  • A user name and password that they chose.

  • Their email address,  the email address is important because it is used to communicate with the student as they go through the course.

A confirmation email is then sent to the student's email address.   They should receive it within several minutes, if not check and see if it was routed to the spam folder. Yahoo, Hotmail, Icloud and AOL often route to the spam folder.

When they click on a link in the email they are returned to the site with their email address verified as accurate.  They finish the process by:

  • Clicking on the course name.

  • Providing payment by credit card or paypal account.  Credit cards are paid via paypal when enrolling in a course but a paypal account is not required.  
    Just click on "Send Payment via PayPal", then provide the credit card information under the option "Don't have a PayPal Account"

Create a new account here.   

Sometimes the business wishes to pay for the course,  there are several options to do that without giving the student their credit card number:

  1. Some owners simply reimburse the student for the cost.  This is usually the most simple way.

  2. The student can go through the enrollment process with the owner/manager present to supply the payment information.  The student can then complete the course at their own pace.

  3. The student can forward the confirmation email to the owner along with their user name and password.  The owner can sign-on with that information to supply the payment details.  The student can then complete the course at their own pace.

Make your best choice, get your training from an experienced tanning provider, not from a magazine company's "Institute" or "Network"

Last modified: Wednesday, December 15, 2021, 8:19 PM